The data is proving to be one of the greatest protagonists of this digital new era. Before the arrival of Big Data, it was possible to know what had happened (past), today we can use data analysis to predict behaviors and take advantage of future opportunities.

The need to implement data analysis solutions in companies is growing more and more. According to IDC research, the Big Data market will grow 23% in 2019, with an investment higher than 48.6 billion dollars per year. Big Data technology helps organizations managing large volumes of data. This analysis is a key factor in the decision-making process, and companies know it.

Data is the new oil, but understanding is gold

Big Data technology provides companies with the information they need, allowing them to set their objectives in a more strategic way. The value of data lies in its analysis. It’s no more about big data but about big comprehension.

According to the Digital Trends 2019 study, the effective and transparent use of data is a priority for European brands in 2019. Over 6 out of 10 (63%) IT professionals have worked on improving their data collection capabilities and keeping all the information collected in a single platform.

The value of open data

How is big data connected to open data? To simplify, open data is defined by its use and big data by its size.

Open data is the opening of data sources to the public, available for everyone. From our expertise with our service, we know the importance of turning these data sources into information and this information into knowledge. Data analysis and data collection can help companies in their decision-making processes. It is an excellent tool to generate knowledge and promote transparency.

According to information from the European Data Portal, Spain leads the European ranking of Open Data maturity, followed by France and Ireland. We are proud to be a reference within the Open Data sector, thanks to our financial information service Open data pursues the democratization of information, based on a sharing and collaborative spirit. We love it!

Source: Telecoming ad-tech