Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing for E-commerce

Nov 23, 2022

Email marketing is a fundamental part of an e-commerce strategy. It is through it that the communication between the company and consumers will be validated. In fact, the user must accept to be part of the company’s contact list, which already ensures a certain authority.

Although there are much more modern tools than email, it still stands out a lot. In this way, we cannot replace it with another tool, but rather integrate it with other features. An outstanding example of its kind is easysendy

When we talk about scaling your business, email is the main vehicle for it. Unlike social networks, for example, it does not suffer penalties from algorithms. In other words, you have potentially infinite expansion — and it’s only dependent on your ability to attract users.

Want to know some of the main benefits of email marketing for e-commerce? Enjoy reading!


1. Email marketing guarantees high engagement

When the word “engagement” comes up, the topic of conversation quickly shifts to social media. However, although they do have a high engagement value, networks rely heavily on algorithms to present content. That way, even after making a post, it will not necessarily appear to your followers. There are complex mechanisms — to the point of being obscure — at work behind the scenes.

However, whenever you use scheduling software for a contact in your base, they are sure to receive the content. So, if the lead acquisition work has been done correctly, they will indeed read the content sent, which greatly increases engagement.

It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to do the work with professionalism, that is, to deliver valuable and relevant content to your audience. Also, it’s important to focus on the user rather than your product. 


2. Gaining authority and permission to contact

There is nothing more powerful for an online store than gaining the user’s permission to contact. In fact, the user is very interested in what you have to say, and feels safe in passing the email (something very personal) to you.

With this contact permission, e-commerce can increase authority quite easily. A basic strategy for this is to differentiate quality products from low-quality ones. In this way, your company will show competence and professionalism, which gives the user a title of “consultant”.

In addition, it is crucial to work on the authority of your e-commerce because, as a rule, we tend to buy what authorities point out as a solution. So, create a nurturing flow over your workspace where the focus is on “educating” your lead base.

It is by showing advanced knowledge in the area that authority in the market is conquered!


3. Personalization of contact and user approach

When we post something on social media, the content tends to be generic and impersonal. The reason for this is that we are thinking about the impact of the post on a very vast population sample.

However, the conditions of email marketing are quite different: we are dealing with segmented groups with very similar characteristics. Therefore, we have the luxury of being able to personalize the contact, as well as force a user approach. It’s details like these that create a good relationship between the brand and users.

Why is this approach so important? Simple: It’s much easier to buy from someone you already know. In this way, if your e-commerce is present in the lives of your customers, it will surely earn the title of “known”. That is, it will be much easier to sell to engaged contacts this way.


4. Email marketing allows you to scale your e-commerce a lot

Which do you prefer: 1 million followers on your e-commerce Instagram page or 10,000 email contacts who always read what you send? You may disagree, but the second option is much better than the first one.

To understand this answer, we need to consider a few things: not all of your Instagram followers will read what you post; if the work on Instagram is not well executed, the algorithm drastically punishes its reach, since social networks are not focused on selling products.

In addition, the number of readers tends to increase naturally. That is, loyal readers will follow your content closely, while you can gain new readers. Finally, even if it takes some time, your business will show consistent and interesting growth.


5. Optimization through A/B tests

Finally, we can perform optimizations on email campaigns through A/B tests. This way, you can reach perfection with a lot of practicality because it’s clear what works in your strategies. This has a significant bearing on your bottom line, whether email marketing or digital marketing strategy as a whole.

For instance, the tool FlexClip simplifies email marketing by giving you the most intuitive video editor in the world, so you can create professional videos that increase email open rates and engagement. 

Email marketing, when used well, guarantees a strong competitive advantage for your e-commerce. Now that you know what you can gain from email marketing, why would you hesitate?

Next time you consider incorporating it into your business strategy, consider these benefits and prepare to conquer the world of e-commerce.

Jocelyne Sanchez, an exuberant content creator with great zest and extensive experience in digital marketing, has collaborated with us in this post. Thank you, Jocelyne!

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