Instagram Mobile Advertising Investments

The main challenge of the advertising industry is to place the right ad at the right place, at the right time. The only device able to gather all these conditions is the smartphone. This explains why brands bet for mobile advertising, a market that is expected to increase by $72 billion by 2020.

Mobile Internet is undoubtedly going to lead digital investments. According to market data and forecasts, TV will be the next most interesting device with a $7 billion increase (just makes up for 9.5% of the smartphones’s expected growth for the same period).

The fact that Europe’s mobile penetration is somewhere between 65% and 80%, is one of the main reasons behind this circumstances. But the are many others, such as the different channels that were born mobile and have grown performance, ever since. An example is Instagram, a social network, which is  completely on the rise.

The photo and video-sharing social networking service was launched in 2010 and is now under Facebook’s ownership. Instagram’s worldwide advertising revenue exceeded $3.64B last year and is expected to grow by 88% in 2018, reaching $6.84B.

This sort of publisher is perfect for advertisers since it combines mobile devices’ features with the social media’s segmentation capabilities.

According to Raquel Conde, our Social Media Manager “Instagram offers different advertising placements (formats) both in the timeline and in the stories. It enables brands the opportunity to connect with the public in different ways, adapting messages to each audience. If you are able to combine creativity and strategy, the result for different types of campaigns is absolutely surprising both in terms of  performance and  branding.

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Source: Telecoming ad-tech