New payments solutions burst into the market everyday thanks to the increasing mobile features available for anyone. The competitive landscape is wide and growths unstoppable. To lead the market we need to count on experts from different markets. In March 2018, Mohamed Benhamadi joined Telecoming’s team as new Operations Director for FR & Africa. Take 2 minutes to read about him and his vision of a booming region in terms of DBC: Africa.

What has surprised you the most so far at Telecoming?

Telecoming is a company made up of young teams with a remarkable fresh spirit that deeply inspires me.

People from different business areas are very dedicated and results-oriented. What struck me the most is Telecoming’s amazing expertise behind mobile advertising. Decisions are taken quickly, and we move fast. Telecoming´s project will be an awesome challenge and will have a significant impact over the mobile landscape.

You face a new challenge at Telecoming: Africa. Tell us about your market impressions…

Africa is a quite an unusual market and it’s very common for companies to mistaken their market perceptions. This is because Africa above all is diverse. With more than 1.2 billion people, customers’ behaviours and challenges are very different from one region to another. Above all, it’s a booming continent, with a double digit’s growth in digital content consumption and a very young population. In addition, the demand for digital content in this region is further increasing. To succeed, we need to understand the culture and how communities are getting adapted to the global Internet connectivity.

How do you expect payment solutions markets to develop in the long-term?

Mobile payment solutions are already a reality in Africa. In fact, mobile payments solutions have been ¨invented¨ in Africa. At Telecoming we believe that there is still a massive growth potential in m-payments. These will transform from traditional services (focused on digital content, utilities bills…) to new areas such as peer-to-peer microcredits or savings.

Which are the main advantages of Direct Carrier Billing in contrast to other payment methods?

It’s undoubtedly among the best payment options. One of the most remarkable benefits from direct carrier billing is that its processes encourages the best user experience. It guarantees a comfortable payment opportunity, it offers antifraud- security and ultimately, it’s a quick and easy method that ensures operational autonomy to users.

Our international activity gives us a complete understanding about how Direct Carrier Billing is and will remind as a driver of the digital consumption. Check our vision about other countries like Turkey!




Source: Telecoming ad-tech