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Sales are the final purpose of any service, company and merchant. Every decision revolves around the goal of increasing sales. With that idea in mind, developers and directors design their digital services.

Statista drove a survey among more than 1.300 users in order to determine the features which are the most relevant for users, when shopping online. As a result, 87,6% of respondents chose clear product images as the most decisive feature. And it totally makes sense. In the digital landscape, pictures are the only interaction channel with the product… if you cannot touch it, at least, you need to see it perfectly. Reviews and other users’ descriptions were placed in the second and third positions respectively. This is because we trust the net: we trust the information and we trust the community.

Payments are decisive: Direct Carrier Billing eases transactions

An interesting insight from the survey is that the easy checkout process was ranked in the 4th position by 75.6% of the respondents. We are used to talk about this in our corporate blog, because it’s a reality faced by all the payment methods. Concerning ours, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), it’s demonstrated that it promotes conversions, because it’s easy, fast and safe for the user.

The payment process is the key moment, when the commitment becomes real. As specialists in billing, we work to design and implement solutions aimed at simplify this process. We have understood that this “dramatic” moment is the main barrier for selling. In that sense, almost 4 out of 10 users recognize that having different payment options is useful for them. .

History repeats itself. If we take credit cards’ market entry, we may identify that their success precisely had to do with the fact that they entailed a new payment alternative, easy and universal, ready to be used wherever and whenever. Mobile payments find in carrier billing this opportunity once again: a system aligned with its mobility philosophy.

If you are setting up your ecommerce, you must consider the payment process as one of the main elements to succeed.

Source: Telecoming ad-tech