Machine Learning has achieved a predominant role in business conversations. However, before looking into its specific contribution towards advertising it’s worth reviewing what this term really means.

Machine Learning entails data identification and treatment and enables machines to forecast and distinguish repetitive behaviors. This methodology works under the assumption that learning is exclusively based on information and that it develops thanks to resemblance, probability, and error.

Advertising has also given into machine learning processes. Data derived from past advertising actions and patterns of behavior may be identified and will surely improve the accuracy of future campaigns.

In this sense, Telecoming’s Chief Marketing Officer, Carlos Buil states that “automation drives the best results. It provides advertising professionals with the opportunity to manage, buy and optimize all the advertising inventory, based on data. This contributes to draft more accurate strategies and it’s a time saver for teams”.

Machine Learning is all about Data

Machine Learning works on the basis of data and it accelerates all behavioral trend’s identification. This enables advertising experts to improve opportunities detection, through a more rigorous decision-making process.

Ultimately, machines learn from past event’s data and as a result, professionals learn from all the information gathered by the machines.

This way, better advertisements are generated and this leads to a win-win for everyone.

Data Professionals improve Decision-Making Processes

At Telecoming we have strengthened all data-related projects as a means to make data-based informed decisions. This represents a strong bet for data professionals, who back and support all marketing and advertising strategies.

These profiles are specialized in data treatment and depict trends which help us improve our market knowledge and our approaches towards campaigns and users. From this data, machines learn and this promotes solid advertising practices.

Source: Telecoming ad-tech