As we have discussed on other occasions, our most valuable asset is our team. It’s made up of 117 professionals with completely different backgrounds. In this sense, one of our most differential characteristics is our international profile: 17 nationalities and 15 spoken languages.

Our restless spirit encourages our business strategy

At Telecoming we are extremely agile and are undertaking a solid international expansion strategy. The fact that the staff is made up of 65% Spanish talents and 35% international ones brings a global perspective, which promotes differential ideas and solutions.

The fact that we have such an international team has helped us to achieve great results. This is portrayed by our inclussion among Actualidad Economica’s top places to work: Telecoming among Spain’s 50 Best Places to work.

Our talents pursue the same goal

However, achieving a common understanding between different countries and at the same time reconciling them at a local level is not an easy task.

According to Tsedal Neeley, professor in the Organizational Behavior unit at the Harvard Business School and the founder of the consulting firm Global Matters: “The team is a single entity, even though individual members may be very different from one another. The leader should encourage sensitivity to differences but look for ways to bridge them and build unity”.

Accordingly, Telecoming’s HR department is the key to promote a sense of belonging and making our talents feel welcome. In this sense, Lidia Cuerva, Human Resources Manager, states that: “At Telecoming we set common goals and this brings all people together towards a common purpose. We try to focus on what synergy can generate, rather than what some differences can subtract, that is, we focus our teams towards a win-win thinking”.

Having a multicultural profile enhances our capabilities to innovate and our ability to be ahead of market changes. Working on a series of premises to establish common objectives is essential to generate good harmony in the team, that means, to make people move towards a common purpose.

Our recommendations are to engage talent by sharing an attractive culture, by recognizing good performance and by promoting a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

If the previous is achieved, the company’s talents, regardless of their backgrounds. become a unique source of wealth and innovation for society.

Source: Telecoming ad-tech