Last Friday our IT Managing Director, Adrián Gallegos took part in Microstrategy’s Symposium Series in Madrid presenting Microstrategy’s contribution towards data processing at Telecoming.

Microstrategy is a company specialized in helping organizations transform data into intelligence with the aim of supporting them and strengthening their business strategies.

The event took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid and gathered  customers, product experts, and senior executives in order to learn from the latest insights on big data, mobile app development, cloud computing and AI, designed to transform organizations into Intelligent Enterprises.

Also, present at the Symposium Series were experts from Capgemini and Everis who also contributed to explain its appliance in cloud migration and health studies, respectively.

Agile Data Analysis

Before, more than 250 attendees, our IT Managing Director explained the way in which Microstrategy favoures in-depth data analysis, agile fraud prevention, machine learning and accurate risk analysis.

Ultimately, as a Business Intelligence tool, Microstrategy encourages insightful updates which are extremely useful for further strategy depiction and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, Microstrategy’s Product Development Vice-President explained that “data technology is going through a profound transformation and this must be understood in terms of more and more agile processes . Smart companies are those which have a battery of applications derived from data, which are universally useful for different users within the company”.

Data Intelligence as the ultimate tool

At Telecoming we are certain that the Information Age is over now that we have entered the Information Management Age. How successful a company is, is closely related to its information management ability.

We believe that there is actually no point in gathering huge data volumes if these are not going to be correctly and rapidly processed.

Solutions conceived to encourage data intelligence and visualization are currently decisive for companies. In this sense, Microstrategy has a wide range of native analytical capabilities, with the option to easily incorporate third-party data mining and modeling tools.

There is nothing more powerful than an organization that is aligned and propelled by real-time information. In this sense, we want to thank Microstratregy for its amazing solution and also for such a great gathering.

Source: Telecoming ad-tech