According to  We Are Social 2019 Hootsuite’s research, Internet users in Spain have increased by 4 million compared to the previous year, reaching 93% of the total population. Among them, 60% use social networks. That seems to be enough to make the most of our presence in social media.

Our Marketing team helped us with some tips about how to increase brands’ popularity in these popular channels.

Connect with your audience

Once you have defined and identified your target, you must understand them. Try to answer some questions: What does my audience expect from me? How do they talk? Why are they going to listen to my brand? The best campaigns address the user as an individual, so choose the right tone to push your content.

Content matters

Run away from commercial content and build a story. People love stories. People hate spam. It seems easy, but it isn’t. Storytelling is the new black…. because it works. Define your message and build your story: emotional, understandable, easy and shareable, and people will trust you. And remember: it’s about making it the topic of the moment.

Choose the right time

Publishing the same content at different times will have different results. The best time to publish on social media will depend on the country and the audience. For Spanish users, the best time to publish on Twitter is during working hours (12:00 to 01.00 pm), on Facebook during local lunch time (01:00 to 04:00 pm) and on Instagram after work (07.00 to 09.00 pm). Note it!

In this context, Raquel Conde, Telecoming’s Marketing Director, maintains that: “Knowing your audience on social networks and analyzing the behaviors of your customers and followers is key to create good social media campaigns”.

Source: Telecoming ad-tech