Successful content is the one that runs like wildfire through our social networks. There are a lot of factors affecting the reach of our publications. Here there are some tips to spread your content virally.

Expand your network and find your audience

If you use social networks for sharing your publications, you should focus on growing your community. However, your target audience must share your interests to increase interactions. All of this will allow you to achieve a higher reach.

Rely on visual content

According to a report published by Venngage, 56% of companies used visual elements in the creation of their publications in 2018.

Graphic content excites much more than text. We can process visual content 60,000 times faster than we process text. So, make the most of the image and the video format! As we explained in our previous post (4 Useful insights to turn your Video Marketing Campaign into a Success ), storytelling can help you in creating an emotional connection with your audience.

Optimize your site

Improving the positioning of your site can help you to scale positions in Google pages. To do this, we give you some simple ideas like defining the keywords. You must think about which words you want to be found. It can also be useful to get links that redirect to our page. Comments in forums and blogs can help you with this.

We encourage you to create your strategy! Remember that content is king, but many other factors can boost your reach.

Source: Telecoming ad-tech